Staff Profile: Wilson Agbarakwe

Staff Profile




Summary of Academic Profile:

Dr. Wilson Agbarakwe studied in four different Universities in Nigeria and obtained the following qualifications; B.Sc Economics (Second Class Upper Division), M.Sc Economics, MBA Management and PhD Economics. He is an associate member of several professional bodies including the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants. He had 14 years of banking experience before veering into academia. His experience cut across Banking Operations, Cash Management, Relationship Management, and Human Resources. He has published several single-authored books, well-researched journal articles and occasional papers.


Citation(s) of Published Articles:

Agbarakwe, W.C., (2019). Foreign direct investment and manufacturing output in

                        Nigeria: Empirical evidence from VECM model. International Journal of

                        Business School Annals 6(1): 01 – 12 ISSN 2361 – 7144 


Agbarakwe, W.C., (2019). An empirical assessment of the impact of corporate tax on

                       private sector investment and economic development in Nigeria.

                       International Journal of Business and Economics, Volume 7, issue 1, 

                       Pp 01 – 10 ISSN: 2713 – 4695 


Agbarakwe, W.C (2019). Human capital investment and economic growth in Nigeria:

                       An empirical approach. International Journal of Management Sciences,

                        ISSN: 2360 – 9944 , Volume 7, issues 3, Pp 01 - 13


Agbarakwe, W.C., (2019). Determinant of investment in Nigeria: An econometric

                       analysis. International Academy Journal of Management and Marketing

                        and Entrepreneurial Studies, Volume 7, issue 2, Pp 01 – 10 ISSN: 2382 – 



Agbarakwe, W.C., (2017). Economic recession and selected macroeconomic variables

                        in Nigeria. International Journal of Business Systems and Economics,

                        Volume 11 issue 2, pages 42 – 45.


Agbarakwe, W.C., (2017). An analysis of the relationship between fiscal deficit and

                        selected macroeconomic variables in Nigeria 1980 – 2016. International

                        Journal of Management and Marketing, Volume 9 pages 117 – 134


Agbarakwe, W.C (2017). The impact of macroeconomic factors on economic growth

                         of Nigeria: A vector error correction model (VECM) approach.

                         International Journal of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship

                         Development in Africa, Volume 10, issues 4 & 5 Pp 10-26


Workshops/Conferences attended:

Agbarakwe, W.C. (2018). Managing Nigeria economy beyond recession: The role of 

                       stakeholders. Proceeding of Imo State University, Department of Business

                      Administration, 2018 Int`l Conference 


Agbarakwe, W.C. (2017). Managing a recessed economy: options for Nigeria.

                      Proceeding of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Department of Business

                      Administration, 2017 Int`l Conference 


Textbooks Published:


Wilson Agbarakwe (2017). Managerial Economics; 1st ed. Mount Carmel Publisher.


Wilson Agbarakwe (2017). Public Finance; 1st ed. Emediong Press: Aba.


Wilson Agbarakwe and Emeka Ihesie (2016). Research Methods for Tertiary Institutions; 1st ed., Emediong Press: Aba.


Wilson Agbarakwe (2016). Small Business Management; 1st ed. Emediong Press Ltd: Aba


Wilson Agbarakwe (2015). Principles of Economics 1; 1st ed. Emediong Press: Aba.


Wilson Agbarakwe (2015). Principles of Economics 2; 1st ed. Emediong Press: Aba.