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About Us







Kingsley Ozumba (KO) Mbadiwe University was established on 18th February, 2021 by the enactment of Kingsley Ozumba (KO) Mbadiwe University (Establishment) Law No. 1 of 2021 of Imo State as a multi-Campus University with the main Campus at Ogboko in Ideato South Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State, Nigeria. This Law repealed the Eastern Palm University (Establishment) Law No. 13 of 2016. The defunct Eastern Palm University was recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC) as the 42nd State University in Nigeria and 143rd in the Nigerian University System. Statutorily, the erstwhile Eastern Palm University by recent developments has changed to become Kingsley Ozumba (KO) University, Ideato South LGA, Imo State, Nigeria.



The mandate of Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University (KOMU) is, “to encourage the advancement of learning in Imo State in particular and Nigeria in general, to hold out to all persons without the distinction of race, creed or sex and to give them the opportunity of acquiring higher education in various fields of study”.



The specific objectives of the university are to:

a.    Provide a wide range of quality learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students without distinction of race, creed, sex, religion or political conviction that will enhance their best intellectual, social, economic and personal development;

b.    Provide academic, professional and vocational training of high quality in a way as to enrich and improve the State, National, and International human resource capabilities and assist graduates to contribute to the common good of society;

c.    Foster academic research, which contributes to human knowledge and the vitality of the institution;

d.    Encourage thoughtful and responsible staff and student participation in Local, State, National and International affairs;

e.    Maintain the highest academic standards in respect of University degrees and other awards and preserve and protect their reputation and integrity;

f.     Evolve academic programmes to suit the changing social and economic needs of society through continuous  review of curricula and development of new programmes to respond to societal and technological changes in Nigeria and the world in general and Imo State in particular;

g.    Advance human culture and improve human life through the development, refinement and dissemination of knowledge and to prepare competent graduates to meet the development needs of Imo State in particular and Nigeria in general;

h.   Relate its activities to the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of Imo State and Nigeria.  


Our Vision

To be a globally competitive University renowned for innovative research and scholarship, world-class education and excellent human resource development.


Our Mission

To make KOMU famous for producing talented men and women with passion and skills to apply knowledge and technology sensibly to solve the problems of the nation and the global community at large.

At the core of this mission is our firm desire to educate future leaders not just to acquire requisite knowledge and various life survival skills, but leaders with deep passion for humanity in the discharge of their civic responsibilities for the good of society i.e. “developing the complete man – soul, body and divinity”


Our Philosophy

In KOMU, we are driven by a strong determination to produce scholars who are loaded with the triple capacity for success, global competitiveness and stardom anchored on our core values of integrity, excellence, team work, innovation and collaboration.


Our Core Values

Our core values to drive our vision and philosophy for the actualization of our mission are anchored on the five [5]-fold spirit of integrity, excellence, team work, innovation and collaboration [IETIC].

§  Integrity: We shall strive to be honest, respectful, transparent, accountable, fair and equitable in our dealings

§  Excellence: We will ensure best practices, adopt meritocracy and apply the highest ethical standards in our activities inclusive of preserving the natural environment

§  Team work: We shall work closely and inclusively with each other and one another, communicating openly to achieve common goals

§  Innovation: We shall strive to be creative, harnessing our innate transformative energy for the good of the environment and the society in a responsible manner.

§  Collaboration: We shall build viable and strong bonds of friendship with similar organizations for mutual benefit.


Our Mantra

Our University working as a Team with One Mission to render Selfless Service to Humanity i.e.

KOMU. One Team. One Mission. Selfless Service to Humanity”.


Our Motto

Selfless Service to Humanity



The University Logo

The Logo is made up of a book, a graduation cap, and the globe with stars dotted around it, all housed by the name of the University. Beneath the name of the University is the Motto. The narrative is that the University as a hub of academic activity uses the book as a tool for learning to produce scholars who become stars around the globe.

The colours of the University as shown in the Logo are black, blue and golden. Symbolically, the black colour represents the power and authority of Senate as the highest decision-making body to organize and control teaching, promote research as well as admission and discipline of students. The blue colour represents the sky as the limit for our staff and students in their quest for excellence and scholarship. The golden colour represents the wisdom and passion of members of our community in rendering selfless service to humanity.


Academic Programmes

KOMU offers twenty one (21) academic programmes distributed in four (4) Faculties namely: Sciences, Social and Management Sciences, Arts and Environmental Sciences. Efforts are being made to create additional Faculties in the not too distant future that will offer programmes in Medicine & Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Public Health and a host of others in line with the objectives of establishment.