Transcript Application

How to Order Your Transcript

Use the form below to order a transcript of your academic record, regardless of your graduation status (current student, recent graduate, previous graduate, or non-graduate).

Important Information Before Ordering

  • Do not request a transcript until all your marks have been approved. You can verify approval by logging into your student account and checking the "Notification of Results" button in the side menu.
  • Processing Fees: You will need to pay a processing fee using a debit or credit card when you order your transcript.
  • Processing Time: Orders are typically processed and mailed within the next 48 business hours following submission.


  • NGN15,000 - Transcript of your academic record, regardless of your academic level

Please Note:

  • If it has been over 15 working days (Nigerian addresses) or 45 working days (international addresses) since you placed your order please email with your full name, student number and your order number.
  • If you require expedited shipping, please contact the registrar's office for options and additional fees.